Crimes against SC, ST in MP on decline

Bhopal, June 13, 2013 : There has been a decrease In crimes against scheduled castes (SC) in Madhya Pradesh. As against 3,245 in 2011 the number of crimes against SC in the state had declined to 2,875 in 2012 taking it from top of the list preceding year to fifth position among the states in the country.

The above figures are as per the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) report for 2012. There has been a decrease in the cases of crimes against scheduled tribesalso. In 2011, the number of crime cases in which people from ST were victimised stood at 1,284, which have come down to 1,218, as per the 2012 report. It is because of the increase in such crimes in Rajasthan that MP comes down to second position from the first.
MP’s contribution to all India crimes against ST is 20.57% as against 22.81% of Rajasthan. Percentage wise, the other states whose contribution to all India crimes against ST are in two digits are Odisha (11.62%) and Andhra Pradesh (11.25%).
The crimes against ST in MP (as per the 2012 report) include 62 murders, 288 rapes and 45 cases of kidnapping and abduction. As far as crimes against scheduled castes are concerned the other states which have registered more cases than MP include Uttar Pradesh (6,202), Rajasthan (5,559), Bihar (4,821) and Andhra Pradesh (3,057).
The crimes (2,875) against SC people include 88 murders, 367 rapes, 64 kidnapping and abduction, 27 arsons and 704 cases in which they were hurt.
SC population as per census 2011 report (provisional) report is 1.13 crore as against 4.13 crore of Uttar Pradesh, 1.22 crore of Rajasthan, 1.65 crore of Bihar and 1.38 crore of Andhra Pradesh.

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