Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University in Bhopal

Anshumali Joshi

Bhopal :  ”Foreign language is not a medium of teaching in any country. Teaching through foreign language makes students’ minds perverse and they start feeling themselves as foreigners in their own country,” Rabindranath Tagore has said.
Also, there can be no denying the fact that language has an important role between the Government and the people and the success of social welfare and development programme depends on language. Keeping tis in mind Madhya Pradesh government has, for the first time in the country, taken the initiative of establishing in state capital Bhopal a HindiUniversity since Hindi , regarded as a symbol of India’s social and cultural unity, has always played an important role in the national integration.
Named after former Indian Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the brain child of MP chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will train students into various fields of technology, medicine, arts,  science, literature, commerce, management, engineering and other courses in Hindi, which is spoken, written and understood by over 100 crore people.
In the university, PhD, M Phil, post-graduate, Snatak Pratishtha, correspondence and certificate course as well as training programmes have been chalked out. Latest evaluation systems are being used for evaluation of these degrees and courses.
There is also a plan to translate and publish works of other languages in Hindi and to conduct job-oriented courses using audio-visual medium in distance courses through information technology.
Similarly, objective of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya is also to raise world-level young generation with overall personality development in terms of employment, skill and characteristics.
Along with the teaching of various courses of modern learning, students will also be acquainted with Indian knowledge traditions and will also teach Yoga, social service and values of life for their all-round personality development. There is also a plan to construct girls and boys hostels on the university premises.
Courses conducted in university during academic session 2012-13
During academic session 2012-13, Yoga Aur Manav Chetna Vibhag, Shriniwas Ramanujan Ganit Vibhag, Vanaspati Vibhag, Hindi Vibhag and Vanijya Aur Prabandhan Vibhag were started.
Proposed faculties and courses during academic session 2013-14
Vigyan Sankay:- PhD and M Phill in Bhautik Vigyan, Ganit, Vanaspati Vigyan, Rasayan Vigyan and Prani Vigyan. Post-graduation in Bhautik Vigyan, Jaiv Vividhata Sanrakshan, Paryavaran Prabandhan, Rasayan Vigyan, Ganit, Prani Vigyan and Manav Chetna and Snatak-Pratishtha courses in Ganit, Bhautik Vigyan, Rasayan Vigyan, Jaiv Vividhta Sanrakshan, Paryavaran Sanrakshan and Vanaspati Vigyan.
Vanijya Evam Prabandhan Sankay:- PhD in Vanijya Evam Prabandhan, M Phil in Vanijya, post-graduation in Vanijya and Prabandhan Sankay in the series of Sanbhar Tantra and Apoorti. Snatak Pratishtha Honours and BBA in Vanijya Sankay.
Samaj Vigyan Sankay:- PhD and M Phill in Arthshastra, Rajneeti Shastra, Itihas and Samaj Shastra, post-graduation in Arthshastra, Rajneeti Shastra, Sanskriti Hindi, Darshan, Itihas, Yoga Aur Manav Chetna, Bhugol, Sudoor Samvedan and Snatak-Pratishta courses in Arthshastra, Rajneeti Shastra,Itihas, Sanskrit, Hindi and Darshan.
Kala Sankay:- Phd, M Phil post-graduation and Snatak-Pratishtha courses in Sanskrit, Hindi and Darshan.
Correspondence and certificate courses:- Mausam Vigyan, Anuvad, Sanakar, Vidhi Evam Puja Vidhan, Jaiv Vividhta Evam Paryavaran Prabandhan, Jaivik Krishi, Sanganak Anuprayog, Bharatiya Itihas Evam Vanshwali Prabandhan and Paryatan Prabandhan Evam Tirthantan.
Certificate courses:- Yoga Shikshak-Prashikshan, Yoga Prashikshak-Prashikshan, Yoga Chikita Prashikshan, Jaivik Krishi Proudyogiki Prabandhan, Jaiv Vividhta Evam Paryavaran Prabandhan, Anuvad, Vedic Ganit, Karya Sanskriti Samvardhan, Graphic Designing, 2-D Animation, Information Technology Web Designing, Bharatiya Sanskriti and Atal Samarth Shikshak Online.
Training courses:- Jaivik Krishi, Yoga Chikitsa Karyalaya Sanganak, Anuprayog and Hindi Sheegra Lekhan.
Proposed study centres
Bharat Vidya Addhyan Evam Anusandhan Kendra, Bharat Paariya Bharat Addhyan Kendra, Pracheen Sanskriti Evam Sabhyata Kendra, Vishwa Sabhyata Evam Sanskriti Kendra, Lok Vigyan Evam Proudyogiki Kendra, Lok Swasthya Evam Vaikalpik Chikitsa Kendra, Drishya Evam Shravan Kendra, Anuvad Evam Prakashan Kendra, Mahil Addhyan Kendra and Chhattra Addhyan Kendra are proposed to be set up in the university.

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